BJLJ Engineers & Architects furnishes all required services in planning, design,

and construction administration, as related to architectural, engineering, and facility planning.

The following, is a detailed listing of the services we offer:



                    Existing Facilities Survey

                    Site Master Planning

                    Space Programming

                    Feasibility Studies

                    Cost Estimates

                    Long Range Capital Improvement Plans


                    New Spaces

                    Additions, Alterations, and Renovations


                    Temporary Facilities

                    Preparation of Contract Documents


                    Structural Analysis

                    Building Reconstruction        

                    Masonry Restoration

                    Building Fa´┐Żades

                    Roof Repair and/or Replacement


                    Electrical Distribution Systems

                    HVAC Systems and Chiller Plants

                    Fire Protection and Sprinkler Systems


                    Ceiling and Lighting Design

                    Boiler Repair and/or Replacement

                    Life Cycle Costing

                    Energy Conservation

                    Utility Analysis

                    Sewer Connections

                    Telephone, Intercom and Sound Systems

                    Building Management Systems

                    Closed Circuit Systems       

    Code Compliance:                        

                    Means of Egress

                    Lighting and Ventilation

                    Fire Safety Compliance

                    Building Occupancy


                    Compliance Upgrades

                    Elevators, Lifts, Ramps, and Entranceways

                    Toilets, Water Coolers, Lockers,

                    Parking, Site Accessibility, Bleachers

    Site Work:                                       

                    Landscaping and Irrigation

                    Parking and Bus Areas

                    Roads and Walkways

                    Sports & Recreation Facilities

                    Running Tracks, Sports Courts, & Playgrounds

                    Exterior and Security Lighting

                    Grading & Storm Drainage

    Construction Services:               

                    Bid Packages and Addenda

                    Bid Analysis and Contract Award

                    Review Shop Drawings and Samples

                    Regular Site Visits

                    Attend Contractor / Owner Meetings

                    Post Construction / Closeout 

   BJLJ also offers the following additional services to School Districts:

                    Building Condition Surveys

                    Annual Visual Inspection Reports

                    Five Year Plans

                    Bond Referendum Development

                    Energy Performance Contract Design