Firm Philosophy


Architecture and engineering is much more than the creation of beautiful, sophisticated buildings. We believe that an architectural/engineering firm must not only translate your objectives and requirements into an exciting environment that is aesthetically satisfying, but also one that functions effectively, is technically superior, meets your budget and is completed within your time schedule. From its very inception the basic philosophy of the Partners has been to work incredibly hard to provide a superior standard of service and to please our clients regardless of the project's size, scope or budget.


Over the years, BJLJ Architects & Engineers, P.C. has become convinced that the key to an enduring and meaningful project is collaboration. Only through a genuinely participatory process in which people work together to design and then to achieve identified objectives can a project successfully meet the needs of the many and varied constituent groups involved. Our experience has clearly demonstrated that consensus is readily achieved when the planning and design process ensures open communication, full representation and participation and input is source-neutral.


In the end, however, it our high level of service which pays close attention to detail and to our client's objectives that result in designs of the highest  standard and client relationships that are continually renewed.


Among the practical results of our philosophy are an accelerated design process and a harmonious, synergistic relationship among all participants in the project.

No matter what type or size your needs may be, BJLJ is available to apply their experience, knowledge and expertise to your School District.